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Nishino: ‘I apologize Thai supporters’

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U22 Thailand coach Akira Nishino shares with the media after the team’s loss in SEA Games 30th men’s football.

Akira Nishino and his players  came home on Friday Dec 6. Thailand came third in group A with 3 wins , 1 draw and 1 loss.

U22 Thailand returns to Thailand on Dec 6 after finishing in SEA Games 30th men's football.

The Japanese strategist spoke to Thai media shortly after landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

"First of all, I have to apologize to all Thai football fans. We have not accomplished the goal. But I think my players have done their best.

Ahead is the Asian U23 2020 Finals which will take place in January 2020. This is my first goal since taking on the responsibility to lead U23 Thailand.

The players must improve their performance in the near future to prepare the best for this important tournament. I think the players understand this very well. My mission is to regain the spirit and motivate the players more,” said Nishino.

Thailand drew 2-2 to Vietnam in the 30th SEA Games men's football

The 2-2 draw against U22 Vietnam removes U22 Thailand directly from the SEA Games 30.

"The Thailand vs Vietnam draw is understandable for both teams. Actually, I know Mr. Park. We have to learn Vietnamese football. Besides, Thai football also needs to be improved,” Nishino added.

While U22 Thailand returns home, U22 Vietnam is actively preparing for the semi-finals of the SEA Games 30. Park Hang-seo's team will face U22 Cambodia at 7:00 on December 7.

TT Đội Vàng Bạc Đồng Tổng
1 Việt Nam Việt Nam 205 125 116 446
2 Thái Lan Thái Lan 92 103 136 331
3 Indonesia Indonesia 69 91 81 241
4 Philippines Philippines 52 70 104 226
5 Singapore Singapore 47 46 73 166
6 Malaysia Malaysia 39 45 90 174
7 Myanmar Myanmar 9 18 35 62
8 Campuchia Campuchia 9 13 41 63
9 Lào Lào 2 7 33 42
10 Brunei Brunei 1 1 1 3
11 Đông Timor Đông Timor 0 3 2 5

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