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Even with Cong Phuong, U21 Sint-Truidense loses to Anderlecht

Thứ năm, 31/10/2019 16:06 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Cong Phuong got off the bench in the second half, but he could not help U21 Sint-Truidense avoid a loss to U21 Anderlecht.

Cong Phuong has played for the youth team of Sint-Truidense in 4 out of 6 matches logging more than 300 minutes on the pitch. Against U21 Anderlecht, Cong Phuong and Korean Lee Seung-woo both played in the second half but neither of them has found a slot on Sint-Truidense’s first team.

Playing on the youth team will help them keep in form.

Anderlecht took a 2-1 lead in the first half. Sint-Truidense, hoping to turn the game around, sent in Cong Phuong in the second half to bolster the attack.

Phuong played well dribbling skillfully and feeding the ball to Lee Seung-woo, but the South Korean player missed his chance.

Phuong had a good opportunity in the final minutes to score for Sint-Truidense. He received the ball from his teammate, head to head against the opposing goalkeeper, but failed to score.

The game ended 4-1 for Anderlecht. Despite the loss, Cong Phuong’s regular performance may have earned him additional trust from coach Marc Brys.