Heerenveen coach: ‘We want to make Van Hau a cornerstone of Heerenveen’

Author: Admin
17:45 | 25/09/2019

Johnny Jasen, Dutch club Heerenveen’s coach, has praised Vietnamese defender Doan Van Hau’s potential, saying Heerenveen will help his career prosper.

Hau played impressively in Heerenveen’s recent 3-3 draw with Feyenoord.

“Van Hau is a good player. He has the potential to become a key player on our team,” said Jansen.

“The team will help him get past the language barrier. He needs time to adapt and develop here. I believe this is the right path for him to build up his career,” said Jansen.

Heerenveen will travel to Venlo for a Belgium Cup match on Saturday.




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