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Ha Duc Chinh subject to have dopping check after a 1-0 win over Singapore

Thứ tư, 11/12/2019 12:00 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
Mr Tha
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Right after Vietnam won over Singapore, Ha Duc Chinh was asked to check dopping by SEA Games organizers.

The win over U22 Singapore makes Duc Chinh leave a huge imprint in the SEA Games 30. He scored the only goal in the match and played actively.

The No. 9 forward was taken to check dopping after the match while his teammates headed back to the hotel.duc chinh, sea games, vietnam vs singapore

Doping testing is popular in professional football. After each match, some players will be randomly selected for medical examination. Therefore, it was common that Duc Chinh was asked by the SEA Games 30 organizers.

U22 Vietnam celebrated after the goal to defeat U22 Singapore.
Immediately after the end of the test, Duc Chinh and U22 Vietnam will have a rest before continuing to practice on December 4. Only 1 day later, coach Park Hang-seo side will have the final match in the group stage with Thailand’s U22.

Both U22 Vietnam and U22 Thailand are close to the semis in Group B men's football SEA Games 30. Vietnam, earning 12 points and top spot, have the upper hand in this match.