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Chanathip feels no pressure to play in front of 80,000 Indonesian fans

Thứ tư, 18/09/2019 14:30 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
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Chanathip is confident and excited to play in front of an Indonesian audience more than 80,000.

Thailand is bracing for the clash with Indonesia at the World Cup 2022 qualifier. Thailand earlier drew Vietnam in their World Cup opener while Indonesia suffered a last minute defeat to Malaysia.

Thailand is confident they will win and take three points home from this battle. J-League-based star Chanathip Songkrasin recently expressed his excitement to play under pressure in front of 80,000 home fans at Bung Karno Stadium.

"I am glad to play in front of thousands of Indonesian fans. I want my teammates think to positively and imagine that they all have come to support Thailand. Because the truth is such a large audience only shows up when the opponent is interesting,” said Chanathip.

It is always difficult to play in Indonesia, especially under pressure in front of the passionate Indonesian fans. This is a great challenge but we will persevere and take home the full three points. I believe in my teammates and we will try to follow Nishino’s strategy. If we do our best, we will see a good outcome, that’s what we believe,” Chanathip said as he shared his thoughts on the matchup.

Chanathip and his teammates stand ready to defeat Indonesia.

“We should play with determination in this match, and focus on finding the openings to set up  teammates. We should try to understand their play strategically and predict the next move. I believe Thailand will do well in this match. I myself will try my best to help the team.”

The battle between Indonesia and Thailand,  part of the World Cup 2022 qualifiers, will kick off tonight at 7:30PM.

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