Malaysian TV secretly films team Thailand training, defying ban

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15:30 | 15/11/2019

Akira Nishino and the coaching team of Thailand are furious about Malaysia secretly filming Thailand’s training session.

Thailand will take on Malaysia on November 14, the fifth match day of World Cup 2022 qualifiers. Bracing for the important match, Nishino and his team arrived early in Kuala Lumpur to get used to the weather and field conditions.

Thailand on November 12 had a tactical training in UM Arena. Nishino only allowed the Thai media to take pictures and hold interviews in the first 15 minutes and banned the Malaysian media from filming under any circumstances.

Astro Arena, a Malaysian TV station, defied the ban, filming and broadcasting footages the Thai training, which has angered team Thailand.

The Siam Sport wrote, “Malaysia media doesn’t respect Nishino’s ban rule. They even publicized the pictures taken from bush on TV. This is very serious situation and leaves a bad image about Malaysia.”

Malaysia will host Thailand on November 14 at 7:45PM at Bukit Jalil stadium.



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