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Park Hang-seo names 4 most dangerous Indonesian players

Thứ năm, 17/10/2019 10:03 (GMT+7)
BTV Thể thao

Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo has been cautious about Tuesday’s World Cup 2022 qualifier against Indonesia.

“We have to be careful because Indonesia has many naturalized players and a home advantage,” Park told a pre-match press briefing on Monday.

“I watched Indonesia playing against Thailand. We have to keep a close eye on their 4 strikers: Beto (9), Lilipaly (10), Fajrin (15) and especially Irfan (17). Today I heard that they called up a Brazilian-born defender.”

The Indonesia-Vietnam match will be held in Bali instead of Jakarta due to political reasons. It takes the Vietnamese team a lot of time traveling 30km from their hotel to the stadium.

park hang seo, van toan, pre-match press conference

“The stadium is too far and its quality is not good,” Park added.

Indonesia lost all their 3 opening World Cup qualifiers but this doesn’t say anything, Park noted.

“Thailand and the UAE won big over Indonesia, but I think victory is more important than the number of goals scored. The quality of the field will not affect my plan and formation for this match.”

tuan anh injury, park hang seo, world cup 2022 qualifiers

Regarding the availability of midfielder Tuan Anh, who suffers from a hamstring injury, Park said, “He will not be playing.  His injury is minor but I don’t want to risk his career.

He is a talented player, so are others. I’m thinking of Quang Hai playing as a center midfielder.”

Forward Van Toan expressed his  confidence in the match, “I’m not worried to much. I’m satisfied with our win over Malaysia. I will do my best in the confrontation with Indonesia.”