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Former Malaysia coach names Vietnam’s three best players

Thứ năm, 10/10/2019 18:15 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Rajagoban rated several Vietnamese players ahead of tonight’s much-anticipated match.

Malaysia has met Vietnam repeatedly in the recent past without securing a win, even in the three matches of AFF Cup 2018.

Malaysia’s media are skeptical of the Vietnamese attack tonight’s match because of Van Duc’s injury, Cong Phuong’s recent unimpressive performance, and Anh Dung’s deteriorating form.

“I know Vietnam has a strong offensive line with many fast players. I watched Asian Cup 2019 and was impressed by 3 players: Trong Hoang (8), Van Hau (5), and Van Toan (9).”


In Asian Cup 2019 Van Toan was sent from the bench and created dangerous situations with his speed, while Trong Hoang and Van Hau are brilliant thanks to their tireless attacking and defending skills. In the match against Jordan, Trong Hoang delivered one of the most excellent displays of his career, notably his cross to Cong Phuong to equalize the scoring.

“Vietnam also has many foreign-based players who boost Vietnam’s strength,” he added.

Rajagoban has led Malaysia against Vietnam. He once defeated Vietnam in the AFF Cup 2010 semis to crown the championship. A year earlier, his team beat U23 Vietnam in the SEA Games 2009 final.

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