Park Hang-seo helps U23 Thailand confront U23 Bahrain

Author: Amelia
16:50 | 08/01/2020

Park hang-seo points out tactical analyzes about Bahrain U23 to help U23 Thailand in the opening match at AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals.

Mr. Piyapong, 60, a legend of Thailand football. He played for the Korean Lucky-Goldstar Club from 1984-1986, and was a teammate of  Park Hang-seo and assistant Lee Young Jin. He admitted to consulting Park Hang-seo on the opponent of Thailand U23 Bahrain.

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SMM Sport newspaper quoted Mr. Piyapong: "In the friendly match before the tournament, U23 Vietnam lost 1-2 to  U23 Bahrain. I asked in-depth information about that match from U23 Vietnam.

Coincidentally, my former teammate Park is their coach, he revealed to me two things: One is the defensive play style of U23 Bahrain and the other is that they have a strong goalkeeper who are good at aerial battles.”

"Their defenders are also in good height. The two U23 Bahrain central defenders have different play styles. The one on the left will not play high while his partner runs fast. Bahrain U23 play with 4-2-3-1 scheme like Thailand, mainly distributing the ball from the midfield and rarely passing to the striker.

Coach Park Hang Seo and Mr. Piyapong used to be teammates when they pursued a career in digital shorts. Photo: Zing

Mr. Piyapong said that the U23 Bahrain team is not too strong. With a home advantage, the 60-year-old legend believes that Thailand U23 will win.

Compared to the other two competitors in the group, the opening match of Akira Nishino’s army is considered to be much easier.

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