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Filip Nguyen made a strong impression with Vietnamese fans

Thứ hai, 31/08/2020 10:44 (GMT+7)
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Filip Nguyen shared pictures of professional and methodical training that few goalkeepers in Vietnam have experienced.

On his personal page, goalkeeper Filip Nguyen has posted pictures of his latest training method.

Not only are the goalkeepers' usual exercises on the pitch, Filip Nguyen is also very woring hard to apply scientific training plan. In the clip that Filip Nguyen shares, he uses specialized glasses for goalkeepers produced a few years ago.

According to the designers, these glasses help prevent the visual deterioration of the eyes with age. These battery-powered glasses help to create a slow-motion effect, which increases goalkeepers' predictability.

In addition, this type of glasses also has the option to create a temporary glare effect so that the goalkeepers practice with situations faster than normal. This is the technology that has been applied to goalkeepers since 2017 and has been invested by many European teams, although the cost is quite expensive.

Filip Nguyen applies many difficult exercises to improve competition performance
Filip Nguyen applies many difficult exercises to improve competition performance

Filip Nguyen is a person who regularly applies new methods to increase competition performance, especially practice of reflexes and sensitivity for the eyes. Previously, he shared many times on his personal page about such exercises.

It can be seen that Filip Nguyen always tries his best to improve his ability, he has never been satisfied with the skills he has. This quality helps him to become more and more perfect and to achieve rapid progress on his career path. From a goalkeeper who also came to the V-League to try a trial 4 years ago, Filip Nguyen now became one of the number one goalkeepers in the Czech National Championship.

Under Filip Nguyen's post, many Vietnamese fans admire his professionalism and send their greetings. Besides, they hope that Filip Nguyen is naturalized to wear the Vietnam national team shirt.​

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