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Quang Hai: 'Confronting Malaysia will be a key match'

Thứ hai, 31/08/2020 14:21 (GMT+7)
BTV Thể thao

Midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai believes that Vietnam will have to make every effort to win beneficial results on the Malaysian field in the 2022 World Cup qualifying in Asia.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, a series of important international tournaments of Vietnam, such as the AFF Cup 2020, or the World Cup qualifying round of 2022 in Asia, had to be rescheduled to 2021.

This means that Vietnam will not have any gathering from now until the end of the year. However, in 2021, Park Hang-seo will have to face a dense schedule.

Sharing about this, star midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai said: “Since the national team didn’t gather, playing is also good for the players. We will be resting because we played with before. density is too thick. We are not too worried with the dense schedule of 2021."

Quang Hai once shone and Vietnam won over Malaysia
Quang Hai once shone and Vietnam won over Malaysia

Previously, the most important goal of Quang Hai and his teammates in 2020 is to pass Group G to enter the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Currently, Vietnam is topping the table with 11 points after 5 matches played and there are plenty of opportunities to accomplish this goal.

“I think we have to carefully calculate each match. Vietnam has 2 away matches, so the whole team needs to be careful. In my opinion, the most important match for Vietnam is a trip to Malaysia's field ”- Quang Hai shared.

Quang Hai has shown a bad performance in the 2020 season. He has not had any goals for Hanoi FC since the beginning of the tournament. However, Quang Hai is still very confident in the future ahead:

"Recently, I had some injuries and got sick. Now, I feel 100% better. I am trying to practice hard so that the upcoming matches in the country can regain their form. and when the national team is focused, it will meet coaching requirements ".

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