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Coach Park is seeking for these four positions

Thứ bảy, 11/05/2019 15:39 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

Coach Park Hang-seo is endeavoring to perfect the squad by expanding the search personnel area on to Europe.

Since the day Coach Park was in charge of Vietnam NT head coach. He has built a flexible 3 – 4 – 3 formation for the squad yet still constantly changes the line-up, which means he is being on the way to solve the formation incompleteness problem.

Coach Park once assigned Ha Duc Chinh, Cong Phuong, Anh Duc, and Tien Linh for playing in the highest place in the offensive line. Nevertheless, none of them actually convinced and met the Coach’s requirements.

It’s not a coincidence that Alexander Dang was his priory visit in the scouting trip to Europe. Alex Dang is described as a talent with great drifting ball ability, a dependent style, an excellent strength, and glacial finishing ball.

So far, Anh Duc seems to be the most favorite player for Coach Park yet the Becamex Binh Duong captain would not be a long-term option due to his age. Besides, his speed is not enough for such international games as World Cup where arch-rivals would be present with a tense counter-attack.

Regarding the notable Central Midfield position, Coach Park used one of the names such as Xuan Truong, Duc Huy, Hung Dung or Huy Hung or even Quang Hai who was once forced to move downward deeply for passing the ball. But this coordination is too waste the youngster’s ability as Quang Hai is to make his best as a Second Striker. As a result, there’s still an untaken seat for Central Midfield position.

Quang Hai is to make his best as a Second Striker

The unknown Martin Lo is more suitable for U23 Vietnam than the national team.

Mac Hong Quang is also on the mentioned list but his attacking style is deficient Coach Park’s need which is a flexible player able to control and roll the ball. These skills belong to Tuan Anh who is now getting a problem with his injury.

Discussion about goalkeeper, Van Lam is a good goalie producing a lot of great saves. But it’s not denied that he did not always control the situation, especially cannot coordinate with defenders.

Van Lam is a good goalie producing a lot of great saves

Therefore, Filip Nguyen is one of the pivotal targets in Coach Park’s scouting trip.

The last place is left wing attacking where Coach Park totally counts on Phan Van Duc whose strength is a perfect physical force as other Nghe An players. He can play smoothly and can move intelligently.

But facing the rivals at the Asian level, where Coach Park Hang Seo side is about to encounter in World Cup Qualifiers, those strengths of Van Duc are much limited.

Back to the time of Asian Cup when Vietnam battled out Iran, Van Duc was getting stuck amidst West Asia built-up players.

It is sensible that the Olympic principle is "faster, higher, stronger", in the time when football grows tremendously in term of physic and strategy, Mr. Park acknowledges and is working every single day to make Vietnam NT better, overcome the limits that ingrained in the subconscious of player generations and the country fans for a long time.

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