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‘Expatriate players have to comply with my two requirements’, says Coach Park

Thứ tư, 08/05/2019 10:10 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

The Vietnam NT head coach gives out 2 conditions which require Vietnamese expatriate footballers need to come up to if they wish for a ticket in the line-up.

The personnel matter is always being the top concern of the Korean coach’s plan list which includes a Europe scouting trip on this May.

VFF and Coach Park are already have a plan to take highly advantage of the above-mentioned players who desire to make appearances in the national team.

Speaking to Tien Phong newspaper, the Korean strategist reveals his two conditions:

“I already have a plan. Besides the likes of Dang Van Lam, Schmidt (Hai Phong) Martin Lot (PVF), there are 4 ones playing overseas. About these players, I has discussed with VFF then we have a plan to evaluate their abilities.

However, for those who want to be summoned to the Vietnamese NT, they still need to comply with two requirements.

First, we have to find out whether or not they truly want to be convened for the team. If they don't want to have Vietnamese nationality, there’s no reason for me to go. If they want to, I will go to see them play. No matter where they play, I will go to find out how they play, which is really need for Vietnamese football.

Second, It’s not because they play abroad, leading to my detective visit. I will follow very carefully, the more important thing is that if they have enough capacity to play for the NT? I do not choose them as they are competing in European tournaments. I will determine their capacity before making a decision.”

Some of the potential names might be Alexander Dang (Norway), Filip Nguyen (Czech Republic), Jason Pendant Quang Vinh (France), and Kelvin Bui (Netherlands).

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