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AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals: Park Hang-seo is confident to face West Asian opponents

Thứ năm, 02/01/2020 14:25 (GMT+7)
BTV Thể thao

Before joining AFC U23 Championship 2020, Park Hang-seo proves positive agaisnt the group rivals.

Vietnam under coach Park’s lead is completing the final task before the AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals.

Runner up Vietnam is in the same group with Jordan, North Korea, and UAE. Speaking of the group, Park highly appreciates his rivals but expresses his optimistic to gain good result against them.

“All are strong teams, but U23 Vietnam has a lot of experience confronting West Asian teams."  Park shared with Yonhap newspaper.

In Thailand, we will have a friendly match against U23 Bahrain, and they are also a West Asia team like the UAE or Jordan. This will be a test before we enter the group stage.

In addition, Park Hang-seo also reveals good news on the rehalibitation of the U23 players in Vietnam. “U23 Vietnam has players who got injured before the call-up this time like Tran Dinh Trong and Do Thanh Thinh but it is not too worrying. All of them are present in Thailand for the upcoming tournament. ”

In the tournament taking place two years ago, U23 Vietnam had three encounters and was completely unbeaten against West Asia rivals. Specifically, the army of Park held Syria in the group stage. Draw Iraq and Qatar after extra time in the quarter-finals and semi-finals before defeating these teams on penalties.