HAGL representative denies the information Van Thanh transferring to Thailand

Author: Amelia London
Date: 17/07/2019

Facing the rumor of defender Vu Van Thanh being linked with transfer to Thai League club, HAGL executive officially voiced.

In the recent time, many rumored that Van Thanh would take a move to Thai League. Some sources said the mentioned clubs are Muangthong United and Port FC. These two clubs lack of a quality right-back position and Van Thanh emerges as a top candidate. The transfer window in Thailand will close soon on July 19, thereby, Thai sources revealed Port FC and Muangthong United are quickly complete the deal.

However, HAGL denied all the rumored around this.

“HAGL president Doan Nguyen Duc wants his club to play well in V-League 2019. Cong Phuong is playing aboard, from Incheon to Belgium, Xuan Truong came back for the second phase of the season. Besides, there will no player leaving the club”.

vu van thanh

Regarding the players to transfer aboard, the leader of HAGL football team reaffirmed it will continue to bring its talents such as Van Toan, Tuan Anh or Van Thanh abroad. However, all will have to wait until the appropriate time: "We will consider this at a suitable time. But this time is not".

This afternoon, HAGL will enter the match in the 16th round of V-League, facing Hanoi club. In terms of force and current performance, 1 point is probably a more realistic goal for both Van Thanh and his teammates. After the 0-3 defeat to Than Quang Ninh, HAGL fell to the bottom three and was only 5 points higher than Khanh Hoa. If we lose this round, HAGL will sink deep and face  relegation.