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Vietnam’s possible formation against Thailand: Van Thanh, Tuan Anh return

Thứ tư, 05/06/2019 16:13 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

In the kick-off match 2019 King’s Cup, there is no doubt that Park Hang-seo will launch the strongest formation to face archrival Thailand.

Tonight June 5, the long-awaited football match between hosts Thailand with the AFF Cup Champion Vietnam is going to happen officially.

Vietnam for the first time under Park Hang-seo is set to encounter Thailand in a national clash. As a result, Park Hang-seo’s side comes to the game with a goal which is to be nothing but a victory.

The other side Thailand is nursing a determination to beat out Vietnam to take back the no.1 ASEAN football background position. They have a home ground advantage which will provide them a favorable when having full of impassioned fans cheering around.

Facing such an important match as the one against Thailand, Park Hang-seo is supposed to be loyal with the formation consistency 3-4-3 which has taken him to numerous of successfulness.

For Vietnam’s goal, the one counted on undertaking this position is Dang Van Lam who from the beginning of the season has maintained stable form. He was considered the hero of Muanthong United its results would be much worse if Van Lam did not produce such polished displays.

Looking to the defending guard, Dinh Trong’s absence is a significant loss yet there are still other bright options for this position such as Que Ngoc Hai, Do Duy Manh and Bui Tien Dung who both might be selected.

Van Hau – Van Thanh is the likeliest men to take over wide wingers. The left wide belongs to the youngster talent Van Hau who is indispensable. For the opposite wide, Van Thanh is seemed to be the priority over Trong Hoang who had a stellar game with Vietnam NT in 2018 AFF Cup and 2019 Asian Cup under a ‘loath’ right back role.

Picking out 2 players for central-midfielders is surely making controversial opinions. A lot of fans are waiting to see the dreaming combination between Xuan Trong and Tuan Anh who has 80% of chance to represent at the line-up as Park Hang-seo stated. The other half of Tuan Anh is likely Hung Dung.

A perfectly-moulded front three is the familiar names positioned central forwards Cong Phuong, Anh Duc, and Van Toan.

The first name passed a forgettable period under Incheon United but still holds on a spot of the most excellent striker of Vietnam football. Anh Duc plays a key role and is the most perfect choice for Centre Forward. Another name – Quang Hai has shown a sign of standing for a while but still is an irreplaceable factor of Park Hang-seo's line-up.

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