Ho Chi Minh City about to debut 2 contracts worth millions USD

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 04/08/2020

Two Costa Rican foreign soldiers Jose Ortiz and Ariel Rodriguez have passed the medical examination and are preparing to debut the Ho Chi Minh City Club in the near future.

Immediately after completing 14 days of isolation after arriving in Vietnam, two Costa Rican strikers Jose Ortiz and Ariel Rodriguez participated in the medical examination of the HCMC Club.

As confirmed by the current runner-up V-League, the two players have passed the fitness test easily and will soon join forces with the team.

Jose Ortiz and Ariel Rodriguez are expected to officially debut with new teammates on 6 August here when Ho Chi Minh City summons again.

 Jose Ortiz and Ariel Rodriguez, ho chi minh city

Ortiz and Rodriguez were the few foreign soldiers present in Vietnam during this period. Health of both no problem. Representative of Ho Chi Minh City Club said the duo are eager to play in preparation for phase 2.

Ariel Rodriguez has spent many years playing in Costa Rica and Thailand, playing for Costa Rica from 2013 to the present. This player is 1.76 meters tall and plays as a striker. Ariel's strength is the speed and ability to handle technically.

Meanwhile, Jose Ortiz also plays as a striker but possesses better physical strength than Ariel thanks to his height. He is expected to replace the injured foreigner Amido Balde and also does not meet the wishes of Ho Chi Minh City

Reportedly, the value of these two former Costa Rican players is more than $ 1 million. Ho Chi Minh City used the money to recruit Lee Nguyen earlier in the season to bring back the talented strikers. BLD team hopes that the presence of Jose and Ariel will help Ho Chi Minh City realize the dream of winning the V-League 2020.

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