Vietnam fans excited following the spectator ban rejected

Author: Amelia
14:26 | 20/05/2020

The confrontation between Pho Hien and Thanh Hoa in the national Cup qualifying round of 2020 will be the first match of Vietnamese football allowing fans on the return day.

The epidemic is well controlled, the organizers have allowed clubs to welcome the audience to the pitch. Vietnamese football will officially return from May 23 with National Cup 2020 qualifiers.

Before the postponsement, the first 2 rounds of the V.League 2020 took place without fans. With the permission of the organizers, whether or not to open the yard will still depend on the decision of the local authorities.

The opening match between DNH Nam Dinh and HAGL so far has not been able to determine whether to welcome the audience or not. If they don’t ban spectators, Thien Truong Stadium organizers can collect about 1 billion dong of ticket sales. The attraction of this confrontation and the enthusiasm of fans is undeniable.

The confrontation between Pho Hien and Thanh Hoa (May 25) was the first match to announce the opening of the stadium.

"When coming to the yard, everyone needs to follow all medical rules to ensure the health of individuals and the community," emphasizes Pho Hien's fanpage.

In addition, the organizers of Vinh Stadium, Hang Day Stadium are also working with the local authorities to open for the audience in the upcoming matches.

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