Revealing the reason Phi Son and Cong Phuong no longer play together

Author: Chris Lee
11:00 | 29/06/2020

The bad physical condition made Tran Phi Son no longer regularly appear in the official squad of Ho Chi Minh City to stand side by side with Cong Phuong.

Ho Chi Minh City is flying high in the V-League 2020 as the team that is leading the table after the first 6 rounds with 13 points.

Chung Hae-seong's army is playing high form. They have just won 2 consecutive victories against Viettel and SLNA. In both matches, the V-League runner-up played very well when each match scored up to 3 goals.

However, one thing that fans feel is that they can not see the duo Phi Son- Cong Phuong in the team's attack, when midfielder Tran Phi Son is continuously absent.

Fans haven't seen this moment in a while
Fans haven't seen this moment in a while

Reportedly, the reason for this is because Tran Phi Son is not in the best condition at the moment. He again fell into an unusual weight gain after a break from COVID-19, which made his performance no longer guaranteed and lost the main slot in Ho Chi Minh City.

This was the second time Phi Son was in a situation of sudden weight gain. But unlike the previous time, in this weight gain, Phi Son completely did not have any injuries, nor had to practice separately with lighter intensity.

With Phi Son’s absence, coach Chung Hae Seong had to put all faith in striker Nguyen Cong Phuong on the attack of Ho Chi Minh City. Fortunately for the Korean strategist Vietnamese Messi is in a good shape and shining brightly after getting married.

In the upcoming round of 7 V-League 2020, Ho Chi Minh City will host SHB Da Nang at home. This will be an opportunity for Cong Phuong and his teammates to win all 3 points to continue to monopolize the top position in the rankings.

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