Dang Van Lam determined to comeback in Muang Thong shirt

Author: Amelia
09:28 | 05/03/2020

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam voiced his determination to regain his official position in the goal of Muangthong United.

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam had to sit on the bench in the last two consecutive matches in the Thai League. In both matches Dang Van Lam did not play, Muangthong United won, they kept clean sheets and defeated Rayong with a score of 3-0, or Chonburi with a score of 1-0.

Earlier when Dang Van Lam was started, the SCG team lost in both matches and conceded 4 goals. More significantly, the one chosen to replace the Vietnamese player, goalkeeper Somporn Yos, also named in the best lineup in the fourth round of the Thai League.

Muangthong United's coach, Alexandre Gama, also confirmed that Dang Van Lam's position is no longer inviolable. The former U23 Thai strategist wants two goalkeepers to compete fairly with each other so that both can promote themselves and improve.

Dang Van Lam has a second consecutive match in the Thai League

Dang Van Lam shared a sentence: "Nu, pogodi" (Well, Just You Wait!). That's the saying from the animated film of the same name. Every time the wolf faced and lost to the rabbit, the wolf shouted this sentence as a confirmation of his determination to win the next time.

On the afternoon of March 3, the Thai Football Federation (FAT) officially announced to postpone Thai League 2020 and the National Cup from March 3 to April 17 and will start playing again on April 18. The postponement of the tournament may be extended and FAT will announce further on March 31.

Therefore, Dang Van Lam will have about 45 days to practice to regain his form, confidence as well as feeling the ball.

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