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How Vietnam captain performed when getting back on field?

Thứ năm, 09/05/2019 12:21 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

Que Ngoc Hai officially re-debuts and plays in V-League after his 4-match suspension. The Vietnam NT captain had a perfect match-day helping the new tyro keep the clean sheet for Viettel against the arch-rival Song Lam Nghe An.

Que Ngoc Hai, who asserted himself and proved his fiddle as a captain amid the teamsheet in 2018 AFF Cup and 2019 Asian Cup, is now one of the outstanding center backs of Vietnamese football

The Vietnam NT had battled out against several continental players thanked to solid defending line-up where Que Ngoc Hai was one of the most significant links.

He is the attacked target of fans partly because of his overwhelm and violence in his style-play. Before getting a 4-month suspension hence his foul with Van Kien (Ha Noi FC), he once had collided with Anh Khoa (Da Nang FC) and canceled him out of the football life by the age of 26.

How Vietnam captain performed when getting back on field?

That is another corner of a calm, mature Vietnam NT captain.

In the match facing the former team Song Lam Nghe An, Hai showed at every dangerous corner in the field making the rock-hard offending line of SLNA could not move their muscle

Michael Olaha, one of the best striker in V-League, still could not show up when facing Que Ngoc Hai. Michael Olaha is an African-origin who has an advantage of drifting and deputing ball.

However, in such head to head situations, Que Ngoc Hai always wrapped up in breaking the tricky problem.

Que Ngoc Hai was one of the most significant links in Viettel's solid defending line-up

More importantly, the heart of SLNA’s attacking style is Khac Ngoc, a player has a high chance on  being called up to the national team ahead of King's Cup, who was neutralized completely in the match Que Ngoc Hai’s back on the field.

It can be seen that Viettel FC is strong enough to face every opponent in 2019 V-League.

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