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How have U23 Vietnam stars impressed in V.League 2019?

Thứ năm, 18/04/2019 10:29 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

A series of luster achievements that Coach Park Hang-seo’s side has gained in AFC U23 Championship 2020 is an advancing impetus for the players entering V.League 2019.

Round 4 of the game had presences of 13 players from U23 Vietnam including 9 men in the starting lineup and 4 substitute players sent onto the field.

Although not receiving too much attention, U23 Vietnam picked up exploits such as reaching the quarter final of AFC U23 Championship 2020 and the greatest victory against Thailand that Vietnam ever has.

Snatching these victories helps Vietnam has an advancing impetus for the young players in V.League 2019.

9 men in the starting line-ups: Van Toan (Hai Phong); Quang Hai, Van Hau (Ha Noi); Hoang Duc, Duc Chien (Viettel); Thanh Son, Viet Hung (HAGL), and Tan Tai (Binh Duong).

4 substituted players: Thanh Thinh, Tien Dung (SHB Da Nang); Tan Sinh ( Quang Nam), and Thai Quy (Ha Noi).

Quang Hai made his name before joining AFC U23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers

The players making their name before joining AFC U23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers were Quang Hai, Van Hau, Hoang Duc, and Tien Dung. The other men were chosen after having such superb performances with U23 Vietnam recently.

Before that, Coach Park Hang-seo asked V. League clubs to give U23 players opportunities. This year, Vietnamese football set a big goal to snatch SEA Games 30’s gold medal. To achieve this target, U22 Vietnam team (majorly having U23 players backing from AFC U23 Championship 2019) need to practice constantly and preserve their manners in V. League.

U22 Vietnam’s great rivalry in SEA Games 20 undoubtedly will be U22 Thailand. After the AFC U23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers nightmare, Thailand must have prepared carefully to take an opportunity for revenging Coach Park’s side.