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2019 Thai FA Cup: Van Lam’s on field, Xuan Truong’s off field

Thứ ba, 25/06/2019 10:28 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

2019 Thai FA Cup Round 32 witnessed Buriram and Muangthong’s dominations following the thumping 4-1 wins over Lampang and Singburi respectively.

Van Lam secured a position at Muangthong’s goal and was celebrating the brilliant victory with his teammates on the field while Xuan Truong – Van Lam’s Vietnam NT teammate was just standing on the bench to see and to cheer up for Buriram’s win.

It was the second match Muangthong United under Alexandre Gama guidance in what could be called a huge successful match where Muangthong hit 4 and Singburi could not even score more than a goal.

The new coach is supposed ‘a catalyst’ for an overhaul of the team. Before facing a Thai League 3 football club Singburi at Thai FA Cup, Dang Van Lam’s side had sink into a bad run with a strings of losses and routs.

Muangthong has won 2, drawn 2 and reached 8 failures out of 12 latest clashes. After this massive win which was as ‘a doping’ for Van Lam and his teammates who is set to go straight to Round 3.

In the other happening, Buriram thrashed Lampang (Thai League 2) with a joint 4 – 1 score with Muangthong.

It came as no surprise for this outing as Buriram – the top-of-the-Thai-League-table team has remained a stable form by being unbeaten through 3 latest clashes.

Besides, there was another ‘no surprise’ which was Xuan Truong’s situation who was seating on the bench for the whole 90 minutes. Buriram has just signed a Southeast Asian player who might be a threatening for the Vietnamese player.

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