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Xuan Truong benched, Buriram leads the way

Thứ năm, 20/06/2019 21:53 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

In the day Xuan Truong was left on the bench, his teammates under Buriram color excellently demolished Port FC to escalate into the top of the table at Thai League.

Fair to say, Buriram vs Port FC clash deserved as a top-of-the-table battle in Thai League, which was immensely blood and thunder with a rain of goals poured into PAT Arena stadium.

Buriram United led an early way right at the 3rd minute thanked to Tunez kicking the goal from the 11m spot, resulted from Pedro Junior’s ball which forced Port FC’s defender to be foul.

The leader played under 5-3-2 formation solidly. In the attacking battlefield of Buriram, Pedro Junior was a permanent hindrance to Port’s goal.

Switching into the second half, Port FC immediately levelled the tie by balancing the scores with the 48th minute equalizer come from Suarez’s strong header.

The team, however, couldn’t hold on their celebration for long as Buriram United took back their advantage in the very next minute by posting another lead goal through Pedro Junior.

In the 63rd minute, Supachok found a header breaking through the contender’s net to rise up the score into 3-1 for Buriram. This goal almost caused Port FC's spirit to break and also was the final score of the match.

With this victory, Xuan Truong’s side past Port FC to climb to the top of the Thai League table. Regarding of Xuan Truong, he experienced another winning taste on the bench.

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