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‘Nothing special to face Thailand’, Van Toan claims

Thứ năm, 06/06/2019 11:02 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Van Toan shares with VTV on the training session ahead of King’s Cup 2019

Having the second training on June 4, Park’s side will have another before getting into the fight on June 5.

Sharing before the training, Van Toan said: ‘The team spirit is currently good, confortable and await for the match against Thailand.

Nothing is special, it is like other games. Being a professional players, training once before the match is nornal.

My form is high now with relaxing mentality, I will try my best to maintain that as well as play better for the team".

This is the first time coach Park Hang-seo meet Thailand at natinal level.

Fans are keeping high hope on the ‘Golden Dragon’ to clinch a win in the super classic match in ASEAN zone.

About Thailand's rival, Van Toan said: "The Vietnamese team currently has two players playing in Thailand: Van Lam and Xuan Truong, their understanding of Thai players will help us some how”.

I am quite impressed with Chanathip but he is unable to join the game for injury reasons. I know Thailand has other excellent players. This will be a must-see game”.

Van Toan is the highest form player in Vietnam. He is likely capped in Vietnam lineup for Thailand clash.

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