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Martin Lo: 'I regret not having the opportunity to work with coach Park'

Thứ năm, 06/06/2019 16:47 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
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Sharing with the press at the training session June 2 of U23 Vietnam, The Vietnamese-origin midfielder Martin Lo felt sorry for not having a chance to work directly with Coach Park Hang-seo.

Yesterday afternoon (June 2), U23 Vietnam had a second training session at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center to prepare for the upcoming friendly match with U23 Myanmar. In the near future, U23 Vietnam will have a friendly match with Viettel and U23 Myanmar club under the guidance of Kim Han-yoon, not Park Hang-seo due to his busy work in the national team.

Speaking to the press at the training session, Martin Lo said: "I feel quite quickly integrated into the team environment. The friendliness of the teammates makes me feel comfortable. I'm just a little sorry that this gathering, I haven't had a chance to work directly with Coach Park Hang-seo. Coach Kim was very enthusiastic and taught us carefully. I think, I will improve much".

Martin Lo U23 Vetnam

However, when stepping into the training, Martin Lo could only train for the first 15 minutes, then asked to sit outside because of his unstable strength. After the training session, he explained:

"I would like to take a break to recover my fitness. I have been practicing in Hanoi for a month, so I got used to the environment and the weather above. There are a number of players in this gathering who are used to it so it is easy to integrate with the team. After the training, we went have some coffee and chat to get to know each other bette".

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