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Cong Phuong registered in Sint-Truidese selection

Thứ ba, 30/07/2019 10:02 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Marc Brys wrote Cong Phuong on the list for the opening match against R. Excel Mouscron.

Sint-Truidense will enter the opening match of Jupiler Pro League new season, with the confrontation against visiting R. Excel Mouscron.

Cong Phuong  Sint-Truidense

Thereby, Cong Phuong finally has his first chance to perform in a high level football environment. According to the list, Cong Phuong will play in the midfield, which is considered a suitable personnel plan since their attack is having up to 9 players.

Cong Phuong also possesses ingenious techniques and breakthrough ability, he can play as a right midfielder or attacking midfielder.

Since he joined Sint-Truidense, Phuong has proved to be quite integrated with his new life and the team. He also made his first appearance when Sint-Truiden faced Lommel SK in the pre-season friendlies. In that match, Cong Phuong was kicked for more than 60 minutes and did not really leave any special mark. Hopefully, the Vietnamese player will be given the opportunity and leave the first strong impression in Belgium.

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