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Cong Phuong dominates on public figure rankings on social media

Thứ tư, 24/07/2019 15:10 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
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According to statistics from Buzzmetrics, Vietnam forward Cong Phuong is the most outstanding public figure on social media in Vietnam on June.

Recently, reliable statistics website Buzzmetrics announced the rankings of the most influential people, in which Cong Phuong proves absolutely superior with his top spot.

That Cong Phuong dominates the table is understandable since King’s Cup 2019 held in June, with Vietnam finishing a win over Thailand.

Cong Phuong dominates Top 10 influencers in June (Photo: Buzzmetrics)

Besides Cong Phuong, many other members of Vietnam are also included in this list such as young midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai, coach Park Hang-seo or striker Nguyen Anh Duc. However, the attraction from Nguyen Cong Phuong is still completely different.

Reportedly, the ranking published by Buzzmetrics is based on many indicators such as coverage, emotional indicators, total discussion and character-related events, ... With the No. 1 position , Cong Phuong has "surpassed" many other famous stars of the entertainment industry, such as the rapper Black Vau, MC Tran Thanh, or a singer Son Tung M-TP.

Currently, Cong Phuong is beginning to integrate with the new life in Sint-Truiden (Belgium). This weekend, the team will officially open the new season by the reception of R. Excel Mouscron on the pitch of Stayen. Being able to play in the official squad is almost impossible, but hopefully, Cong Phuong will be named by the coach Marc Brys on the list and have the opportunity to enter.

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