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U23 Vietnam first trainning in Thailand prior to the AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals

Thứ sáu, 03/01/2020 17:30 (GMT+7)
BTV Thể thao

U23 Vietnam has the first training yesterday afternoon in Bangkok. Earlier, the players took a rest on the morning.

Park and Vietnam U-23 team train in Lad Krabang 54 of MOF Customs United. The field seats 2000 people with nicely cut grass, suitable for the training.

However, MOF Customs United has quite a lot of open sides. Therefore, the requirement of closed training to ensure the tactics is only relative.

The distance from the training point to the headquarters of U23 Vietnam (the complex near Suvarnabhumi airport) is 20 kilometers. It is known that U23 Vietnam will stay and practice in Bangkok within 6 days.

In the afternoon training session, all 25 Vietnamese players, including 2 players who were not on the AFC registration list, Tran Dinh Trong and Nham Manh Dung, trained normally.

The players attempt to complete their homework in Thailand Photo: CTV

In addition to physical exercises, Mr. Park also focused on dividing the opposing squad, applying tactical pieces to prepare for the closed match against U23 Bahrain this afternoon. This is a review match for Park to check the forces, before deciding on the final personnel and tactics to enter the finals. Notably, the U23 Vietnam camp and host U23 Thailand are quite close together. They both selected the area near the Suvarnabhumi field to set up in preparation for the tournament.

According to the schedule, U23 Vietnam will move to Buriram and have 3 days to stabilize accommodation, practice, get acquainted with Chang Arena Stadium - where the team will play two matches with U23 UAE (January 10) and U23 Jordan (January 13).

This is a charming stadium with Park and U23 Vietnam where they competed in this stadium in the M-150 Cup. And thanks to the good preparation in the above friendly tournament, U23 Vietnam played very impressive and won the runner-up tournament.

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