Thailand media’s concern on Xuan Truong, Van Lam to reveal some information

Author: Kieu Ly
Date: 04/06/2019

The Siamsports said Xuan Truong and Van Lam playing in Thailand will help Vietnam collect more information about their Thai players.

In Vietnam squad list to attend King’s Cup 2019, there are two names playing in Thai League: Luong Xuan Truong (Buriram United) and Dang Van Lam (Muangthong United). The friendlies are also held in Chang Arena stadium - Buriram stadium.

That playing in Thai League will help Xuan Truong and Van Lam understand more about Thailand players. Buriram and Muangthong are having more national players than the others including Supachai Jaided, Supachok Sarachat, Pansa Hemviboon (Buriram) or Teerasil Dangda, Adisak Kraisorn, Sarach Yooyen (Muangthong).

That definitely brings advantages for Vietnam somehow.

Thai media expressed their concern on Xuan Truong and Van Lam who might have much information on Thailand player. The Siamsports assumes that coach Park Hang-seo must have received the player’s information.

“Vietnam NT has 2 players serving in Thai-League, Xuan Truong and Van Lam. In the previous time, these two players gained much experience on Thai playstyle, understand their teammates in each club and seems to reveal that information to Vietnam head coach”.

Vietnam NT set to have the second training session ahead of King’s Cup on June 4.