U19 Vietnam goalkeeper used to suffer from depression

Author: Amelia
09:00 | 27/08/2020

Having suffered from depression for 2 years, Lam Hao is becoming one of the promising goalkeepers of U19 Vietnam.

To prepare for the AFC U19 Championship in October 2020 in Uzbekistan, U19 Vietnam is joining the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center. This year's tournament has special significance as it qualifies for the U20 World Cup next year in Indonesia.

In this list of coach Philippe Troussier, there is a very special player that is goalkeeper Lam Hao. Especially because he had 2 years of depression.

Tran Lam Hao was depressed when he was 13 years old
Tran Lam Hao was depressed when he was 13 years old

Goalkeeper Tran Lam Hao of U19 Vietnam came to football as a destiny, thanks to him possessing the talent and basic qualities of a goalkeeper. Initially, Lam Hao's family, especially his parents did not want him to follow football as a career.

However, with the convincing encouragement of the brothers and sisters, the parents agreed to let the son who had just turned 12 leave his family, following the football career.

It seemed that Lam Hao would live fully with his passion, suddenly the shock struck this player:

"When I was little, I was very passive, just playing alone, thinking about all kinds of things and getting homesick, I didn't tell anyone for a long time and became depressed. That was when I turned 13. It was because of the practice, training and passion with the ball, 2 years later I have completely gotten over it.”

Lam Hao aims to attend the World Cup with U19 Vietnam
Lam Hao aims to attend the World Cup with U19 Vietnam

After recovering from depression, Lam Hao was introduced to a probationary job at PVF. It did not take long, after only 1 session of dividing the fighting formation, the boy was immediately admitted to PVF.

Playing impressively in the PVF youth teams, Lam Hao was able to join the U19 Vietnam army under coach Philippe Troussier. In the first time working with a world-class coach, the Ca Mau-born goalkeeper clearly showed his determination:

"In the short term, I hope I will do well in the U19 tournament in Southeast Asia first. If I perform well and U19 Vietnam plays in the fourth round of the semi-finals, my dream for U20 World Cup will come true. I have a bigger dream, World Cup 2026 will raise the number of teams to 48, I hope that Vietnam will be present and our National Anthem will resound in the World Cup playground "- Lam Hao shared.​

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