Thailand has trouble with coach Nishino

Author: Nick Cassidy
16:00 | 28/07/2020

The preparations for Thailand's 2022 World Cup qualifier for Thailand are facing many difficulties when coach Akira Nishino will not be able to return in August.

In just over 2 months, the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia will return. Vietnam is leading the table with 11 points after 5 matches played. Meanwhile, Vietnam's rival, Thailand, ranked third with only 8 points.

To be able to overcome this group, "Changsuek" will be forced to win in the remaining 3 matches against rivals Indonesia, Malaysia and UAE. This is not an easy task for them, especially when Akira Nishino cannot return to Thailand to prepare for an important period ahead.

Coach Akira Nishino cannot return to Thailand in August
Coach Akira Nishino cannot return to Thailand in August

It is known that the FAT wants to bring the Japanese strategist back to work in early August but failed.

FAT General Secretary Patit Suphaphong said the association is working with related agencies to bring Nishino back as soon as possible. However, flights from Japan to Thailand from now until August 7 are overloaded. Therefore, FAT still doesn't know when to arrange for the Japanese strategist to return.

As planned, Thailand NT will summon in early September. With coach Akira Nishino unable to return in August, it is likely that he will not be able to directly train the players in this focus. This will be a huge disadvantage of Thailand NT.

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