Akira Nishino gives special request to FAT

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 28/05/2020

To prepare for World Cup 2022 qualifiers, Akira Nishino sent a plan to FAT.

Vietnam is leading group G in World Cup 2022 qualifiers with 11 points from 5 matches while Thailand is ranked third with only 8 points.

Akira Nishino’s chance to the next round is still available if they win all three remaining matches. It will not easy to do this since UAE and Malaysia are formidable opponents.

To have the best preparation for this important phase, Nishino sent FAT the plan, which he asked for at least 1 month to prepare for the qualifying round.

FAT general secretary, Parit Suphaphong shared with the press: “Nishino ashed Thailand to have at least 1 month to manage, right after World Cup 2022 qualifiers schedule is announced.

Earlier, Nishino once planed to summon Thailand NT in August if the tournament comes back in September. This is what to do in the next time.”

Thailand will only prepare for AFF Cup 2020. ‘Changseuk’ is determined to gain the no.1 position in ASEAN.

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