SC Heerenveen paid a huge salary to Doan Van Hau

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 11/05/2020

In the new contract, Doan Van Hau Salary will become the second highest at SC Heerenveen.

Recently, SC Heerenveen sent an email asking Hanoi FC to negotiate on the future of Doan Van Hau. The Dutch team hopes to continue to borrow the best left-back in Vietnam for another season.

In particular, SC Heerenveen must maintain the salary of 450,000 euros / year (about 11.5 billion Dong) before tax for Doan Van Hau. On average, Doan Van Hau salary is 217,000 euros a year. The Vietnam national team player is the only player to receive special treatment from Heerenveen.

Doan Van Hau salary in Heerenveen.
Van Hau will receive the 2nd highest salary in Heerenveen.

Under the Dutch Football Association's regulations, teams must pay players outside of Europe and the European Economic Area (EU / EEA) a minimum wage of € 450,000. Therefore, Heerenveen could not cut Doan Van Hau's salary, despite financial difficulties.

The new contract will help Doan Van Hau become the second highest paid player at Heerenveen, after Nemanja Mihajlovic (€ 260,000 / year). The two highest-paid players last season, Ricardo Van Rhijn (€ 307,000 / year) and Daniel Hoeegh (€ 296,000 / year) were terminated by Heerenveen contracts to balance sales.

In the next season, coach Johnny Jansen will consider giving Van Hau more opportunities to play. The strategist shared: "Doan Van Hau is getting close to his position in the squad. He is on the right track."

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