Doan Van Hau 'suffers' salary reduction if he stays in the Netherlands

Author: Nick Cassidy
15:30 | 28/04/2020

CEO of Heerenveen - Mr. Cees Roozemond announced that they will cut players’ salaries to stabilize the financial situation of the team.

SC Heerenveen is considering asking players, coaches, managers and club staff to reduce wages to join hands against the Covid-19 epidemic. CEO Cees Roozemond of this team has confirmed.

Mr. Roozemond said: “SC Heerenveen will look at the club's financial situation. Players must accept that their salaries can be greatly reduced. We will have a detailed plan, we will all join hands for the club.”

If Doan Van Hau is extended the contract by SC Heerenveen, Vietnamese players will also be on the list of salary reductions. Currently, Van Hau receives an amount of VND 5.7 billion / year,following Ricardo van Rhijn. The team, is considering signing a contract with Van Hau, when the head coach Johnny Jansen personally praised the progress of the Vietnamese player.


Doan Van Hau will have to reduce his salary if he stays in the Netherlands

The Dutch league will be suspended until September. The teams are asked to close the plans for the 2019/2020 season results. According to that, 3 options are given: first taking the current rankings as the final result of the season. Option 2 is to cancel the competition results, use the current ranking to determine the European Cup qualification, excluding relegation. Option 3 is similar, but allows the top two teams to advance to the higher division, the next season will increase the number of teams to 20.

Voetbal Flitsen revealed that 34 teams participated in the voting. Of which 16 teams voted for the first option. While 9 teams voted for not relegation and 9 teams have blank votes, SC Heerenveen was 1 of 9 teams who voted in blank.

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