Malaysia will use 7 naturalized players to defeat Vietnam

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 05/02/2020

The Malaysian team is likely to use up to 7 naturalized players in the squad in the match against Vietnam in the upcoming 2022 World Cup qualifier.

World Cup 2022 Asian qualifiers will return at the end of March. The teams are still busy preparing to get the best results possible. In the past few days, they have continuously announced their new players.

Currently, coach Tan Cheng Hoe has 4 naturalized stars in the main team including striker Mohamadou Sumareh, Matthew Davies (24, 1.79m tall, Australian), left-back La'Vere Corbin-Ong (28, 1.84m, British) and midfielder Brendan Gan (31, 1.80m, Australian).

Sumareh is a prominent player in Malaysia team

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) confirmed the successful naturalization of midfielder Liridon Krasnniqi, who plays for Johor Darul Ta'zim Club. He is fully qualified for the Malaysia national team in the next tournament. FAM is racing to rush to complete procedures with Lee Tuck (Brazilian). In addition, coach Tan Cheng Hoe also aimed at another name De Paula (English).

Thus, the Malaysian team will most likely use up to seven naturalized players in the main squad to face the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. This is a big advantage because the foreign strikers will

significantly increase the power of Malaysia in just a short time.

Competing against the Malaysian team at the Bukit Jalil Stadium has never been easy. Tan Cheng Hoe have thrashed Thailand here. Certainly Vietnam will have to be cautious in order to accomplish the goal of winning 3 points.

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