Thailand goes crazy with 2 Germany-based prodigies

Author: Sirathom Chatchai
18:00 | 19/05/2020

Krisana Bhumarin and Jiraphat Phumarin are driving Thai football fans crazy by being given the opportunity to train at Bundesliga teams.

Recently, Thai football emerges two young talent players, Krisana Phumarin (15 years old) and Jirapat Phumarin (16 years old). It is known that these are two siblings in a family whose parents are both Thai and living in Germany.


Krisana Phumarin and Jirapat Phumarin are both exposed, acquainted with the ball from an early age and soon expressed their passion for soccer. Recognizing the talents of their two children, their father took these two young players to a trial at some youth training to find opportunities and succeeded.

With a highly regarded professional physical strength (1.83 meters) for  goalkeeper position, the younger brother Krishna was signed by the Hoffenheim club for a 2-year contract. Meanwhile, older brother Jirapat Phumarin has also shown a formidable ability of a striker and was awarded a contract for 2 years by FSV Frankfurt.

These are considered the first steps in the journey to conquer Europe of two young talents of Thai football. The dream of these two players is to become a professional player and compete in the highest tournaments of Europe.

Krisana Phumarin and Jirapat Phumarin will be the future of Thai football. Both dreamed of playing for the Thai national team in the near future.

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