Some European clubs want to 'steal' Van Hau from Heerenveen

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 05/05/2020

A number of European clubs have sent Hanoi FC serious suggestions about the transfer of Doan Van Hau.

Up to now, the future of Doan Van Hau has not been clearly defined by Heerenveen and Hanoi FC. However, if they continue to hesitate, the Dutch team will likely lose the 'No. 1 left defender of Vietnam' to some European clubs.

According to some sources, Hanoi FC has received many suggestions regarding the transfer of young talents Doan Van Hau from clubs in Europe. However, the Capital team still respect the contract with Heerenveen.

Some teams in Europe eyeing Doan Van Hau.
Some teams in Europe eyeing Doan Van Hau.

Hanoi FC representative said Heerenveen will soon contact to negotiate the contract of Doan Van Hau in May. After negotiating with Heerenveen, the team will consider the proposal of some european teams

Van Hau's contract with Heerenveen is valid until June 2020. After a private meeting on April 23, Heerenveen intends to renew with the original Thai Binh player for another season.

Technical director Ham Gerry Hamstra admitted Doan Van Hau needed more time to integrate in Heerenveen. "Van Hau is a very special case. Right from the beginning, we realized that Van Hau needs time to adapt. If I come to Vietnam, a strange country, I also need time to integrate," said Mr. Hamstra.

After nearly 2 months of  social distancing, Van Hau and his teammates just went through a physical examination. Accordingly, all Heerenveen Club players will begin to return to training from 11/5.

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