Park Hang Seo 'amazed' with Doan Van Hau's physical strength

Author: Amelia
16:10 | 25/08/2020

Meeting Doan Van Hau in the training session of U22 Vietnam, Park Hang-seo was amazed at the muscular body of Van Hau who returned from Europe.

On the afternoon of August 24, Park Hang-seo continued to hold an internal competition for the U22 Vietnam team. He divided the number of 47 players into 4 teams, playing 2 matches, each match with 2 rounds in 35 minutes. The Korean strategist gave some noteworthy tests such as letting Nham Manh Dung and Tieu Exal kick the center-back, Bui Hoang Viet Anh playing in the striker position.

A relatively surprising thing was that Doan Van Hau and Hanoi FC players also had a training session at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center, right next to the U22 team yard.

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While the U22 team was playing internally, Doan Van Hau and coach Park Hang-seo suddenly had a short chat on the field. The Korean strategist said something that made the 21-year-old defender listen with a very wary face, then quickly smiled, causing Van Hau's tension to pass. It seems that he is very impressed with Van Hau's development after only a few months in the Netherlands.

Park Hang-seo praises Van Hau for good physical strength.

The conversation between the took place only about 1 minute. Doan Van Hau immediately returned to his teammates in Hanoi FC, while Coach Park Hang Seo continued to watch U22 Vietnam play.

At this gathering, Mr. Park decided not to summon Doan Van Hau. Because the player has confirmed his talent, while this is a gathering for the Korean strategist to evaluate and select the most suitable players for U22 Vietnam.

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