Commetator Quang Huy: 'Coach Park will be happy when Van Hau returns'

Author: Amelia
13:00 | 16/07/2020

Quang Huy said that Doan Van Hau's return now is a good thing for both Hanoi FC, Heerenveen as well as Park Hang-seo.

Doan Van Hau will return to play for Hanoi FC in the 2nd phase of V-League 2020. The 21-year-old defender is expected to help Chu Dinh Nghiem's ​​army overcome the crisis, especially when a series of pillars are injured. The presence of Van Hau promises to change the face of Hanoi FC in the near future.

Many people think that Doan Van Hau's return is a step back in his career. However, Quang Huy does not agree with this view, he thinks that it comes from many objective reasons.

Quang Huy shared on his personal page: “I don't think Van Hau's return is a failure. The major reason for this was the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic. Heerenveen has high expectations for Van Hau, they consider investing in Van Hau as an investment for the future, but the disease has caused them financial difficulties, they need to use Dutch players to reduce salary fund.

Doan Van Hau is expected to help Hanoi overcome the crisis
Doan Van Hau is expected to help Hanoi overcome the crisis

Hanoi FC is willing to pay Van Hau, but the team is also facing difficulties. Dense competition made many players experience injuries. Hanoi FC is the defending champion, they have their own pride, when Heerenveen did not earnestly keep Van Hau, they called their players home.

In this context, this is a good thing for all parties. Doan Van Hau will be able to play, Heerenveen can reduce the salary fund, Hanoi FC will overcome difficulties and Park Hang -seo is also very happy when Van Hau returns, every time he focuses on the team, he will not face much obstacles like before ”.

With one year in SC Heerenveen, Doan Van Hau only played about 4 minutes for the first team in the National Cup and he spent most of time playing for Jong Heerenveen in the tournament for young and reserve players.

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