Coach Park welcomes the good news about Vietnam's defense staff

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 01/08/2020

The defender Hoang Van Khanh and SLNA defender Pham Xuan Manh were able to return to training, which will help Park Hang-seo have more choices for the defense of Vietnam.

After a long time of treating ligament injury at PVF young football training center, defender Hoang Van Khanh of SLNA has fully recovered. On his personal page, the captain of Nghe An-born football team posted a picture of farewell to his "teammates" at PVF to return to SLNA headquarters.

Previously, Hoang Van Khanh had torn ligament level 2 and had to take more than 2 months off to practice at PVF. With full recovery from injury, the center-back will soon return to training with SLNA to prepare for the rest of the 2020 V-League.

Before the injury, Hoang Van Khanh was one of the best center-backs playing in the V-League 2020. He was only 25 but he became the captain of SLNA.

Hoang Van Khanh fully recovered from a ligament injury
Hoang Van Khanh fully recovered from a ligament injury

With a strong style and not afraid of collision, Hoang Van Khanh is one of the indispensable players in the defensive system of SLNA. He is also one of the options to supplement personnel for the defense of Vietnam that Park Hang-seo aims.

In addition to Hoang Van Khanh, defender Pham Xuan Manh also started training again with his teammates after his fractured marks had recovered well. However, Xuan Manh still practices only light intensity to help the injury to be very stable to avoid recurrence as recently.

With the return of Hoang Van Khanh and Pham Xuan Manh, Park Hang-seo will reduce anxiety about personnel in the defense of Vietnam. As expected, Vietnam will join force in August. This will be a short focus for coach Park Hang-seo to prepare for important matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia.​

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