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FOX Sports points out 5 talking points as Hanoi FC beat Ceres Negros

Thứ sáu, 28/06/2019 10:09 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
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Ha Noi FC and Ceres Negros have created such a thrilling 2019 AFC Cup ASEAN Zonal Semi-Final game in which Ha Noi FC trounced 2-1 Ceres Negros. FOX Sports has pointed out 5 talking points as Hanoi FC beat Ceres Negros.

1. As the hosts, Ha Noi fully control the game since the start

Vietnam’s capital side played out 1-1 against Ceres Negros to secure a huge advantage ahead of the 2nd leg.

Playing at the home ground, Ha Noi FC gained the full initiative to lead the way and the Philippines side eventually broke down, making the hosts hit 2 goals through Omar and Van Quyet.

2. The hero Omar

Though Vietnam’s side just needed a goalless draw to draw into the Final, the team didn’t want to go further by a draw but a win and Omar was the one actualize that. He was not only the hero finding the equaliser in the 1st leg but the opener leading Ha Noi an early way at the 2nd leg.

3. Van Quyet ended the game

The captain did a great work in the 2nd leg and was the ‘co-worker’ assisting for Omar’s leading goal just before the 1st half’s hour mark.

If Omar is the hero, Van Quyet is the hero’s captain who ruled out Ceres Negros of the 2019 AFC Cup ASEAN Zonal to seal a solid slot for Ha Noi FC in the Final.

FOX Sports commented: “However, there was still room for a Ceres comeback. That hopes were soon quashed by Nguyen Van Quyet, who put the game to bed.”

4.    Ceres’ goal late

Both Ha Noi FC and Ceres are ASEAN giants proved by the 1-1 draw in the 1st leg. However, Ceres let Ha Noi lead the game without firing back.

Not until Vietnam’s side hold on 2 goals for 21 minutes, did Ceres suddenly shorten the scores through Dizon’s away goal which regarded as a late goal showing that it was too late for Ceres-Negors to make a noteworthy attempt.

5.    A solid slot in the Final is laying on Ha Noi FC’s hand.

“Hanoi FC have had a stellar AFC Cup campaign so far. The Vietnamese side broke a competition record in their very first game, beating Nagaland by ten goals to nil. They then maneuvered their way through a tricky group, making it to the ASEAN Zonal semi-final.” – FOX Sports wrote

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