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Vietnam NT unable to summon goalkeeper Filip Nguyen now

Thứ hai, 29/04/2019 10:48 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Filip Nguyen is recently overwhelming favorites in Czech Super Cup. He is expected to become Dang Van Lam’s strongest opponent competing for the position in Vietnam NT’s net.

Filip Nguyen is playing for Slovan Liberec, his gleaming performance contributed a lot for this team to get a ticket to Europa League next season.

Even Czech media appeals Filip Nguyen to play for the national team. If he does, this will prove to be a chance for him to join Euro 2020 and World Cup 2022.

With 1.9 meters height, long arms, good reflexion and stunning success in Europe, he deserves a call from Vietnam NT.

However, coach Mai Duc Chung said, “ I had Filip Nguyen’s resume. The prolem now is how he can get Vietnamese nationality. I report this to VFF and Mr Tuan ( vice president Tran Quoc Tuan). VFF agrees to support, his family will have to manage themselves.

He is 1.9 tall, his coach trained Petr Cech. He plays very well in Czech but I could not do anything yet.

About his skills, if Nguyen comes back to Vietnam, this is really good news. Tallness, good training oversea, such goalies like that is perfect. If he doesn’t play well, how he can earn an official position? They test professional skills stricter than Vietnam”

Earlier, Park Hang-seo reveals his plan to visit Europe and watch some outstanding players. He keeps high hopes on finding some suitable names to serve Vietnam NT in the upcoming time