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U22 Vietnam accepts China challenge to win SEA Games

Chủ nhật, 07/07/2019 13:30 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
Mr Tha
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In order to prepare for SEA Games 30, VFF accepted to join the friendly match with coach Guus Hiddink’s U22 China.

VFF announced the 23-man list to summon U22 team in May. Notably, U22 Vietnam will play a friendly match with U22 China on September 8.

The names to confront U22 China are gradually exposed as Phan Van Bieu (Da Nang); Nguyen Duc Ba (SLNA), Le Ngoc Bao (Pho Hien); A Mit (Da Nang), Nguyen Trong Long, Martin Lo (Pho Hien), Tran Van Buu (Saigon FC); Huynh Tien Dat (Pho Hien), Nguyen Vu Tin (Saigon FC).

U22 China, led by Park hang-seo’s former coach Guus Hiddink, is considered the most talented generation of China that is invested heavily toward Olympic Tokyo 2020.

U22 Vietnam vs U22 China

However, in the next friendly match, Guus Hiddink will not face Park as the South Korean strategist is busy to guide Vietnam national team in the framework of World Cup 2022 ASIA zonal qualifiers. Thereby, Park’s assistant will in charge of guiding U22 Vietnam.

Guus Huddink is an experienced coach in the world. He became famous after leading South Korea to reach World Cup 2002 semifinals then helping Australia advance to the knockout stage of World Cup 2006 after being defeated by Italia.

In the SEA Games 30 draw , U22 Vietnam is pooled in group 3 with U22 Myanmar. It is likely that the ‘Golden Dragon’ will be arranged to fall in to the hard-fought group with the defending champion Thailand as the Azkals wants to avoid suc strong opponents like Vietnam. Park and his men still set their goal to win the SEA Games though.