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'Thailand could lost to any team, except for Vietnam', Thai reporter writes

Chủ nhật, 31/03/2019 16:52 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Thể Thao 247 - Thailand’s 0-4 defeat against U23 Vietnam on My Dinh Stadium was a pain touching every Thai pride.

Despite not putting much pressure on achievements in the qualifying round, the fight against Vietnam was Thai’s honour match. Therefore, in a Zing’s interview, reporter Phairat MLee from Fox Sports Asiacho said that their home fans were anxious with U23 Thailand's failure.

"Although the result in AFC U23 Qualifiers did not mean much to Thailand, fans were still very disappointed to see the home team lost to Vietnam. Many Thai fans criticize Mr. Gama with cursing words ", Thai reporter revealed.

Thai and Vietnamese football are the two hostile powers in the region. The confrontations between the two are always attractive and lively, the final victories, however, often belong to ‘Changsuek’.

"We can lose to any team, except for Vietnam. That was how fans reacted . Mr. Gama was being heavily criticized but I believe Thai Football Federation still believes him." , the reporter shared.

Since Coach Park Hang Seo came to Vietnam, Thailand has encountered Vietnam twice at U23 level, which all received failures. This made Thai fans broken.

However, in the upcoming time, football lovers may witness another match but at the national level when Vietnam accepted to participate in King’s Cup 2019 in Thailand in June.

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