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Tran Dinh Trong: An extraordinary boy!

Thứ năm, 28/03/2019 21:40 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Thể Thao 247 - There are players coming off the bench to score and become a hero, but there appeared a few names that wants to play a silent role in the success of the home team. It is not wrong to say that Tran Dinh Trong is that kind of person.

“This victory is not my own but the whole team’s. The team still won and completed the mission without me on the pitch”. Those are the words that Dinh Trong said after U23 Vietnam’s victory against Thailand. Trong gave positive compliments on his teammates and also showed the humble personality inside this defender playing for Hanoi FC.

This is what Trong is. The centre-back of Hanoi FC is always quietly, silently, devoted to the national team despite the flashiest light never shines on him. What you need is not to receive all the glory for yourself when winning, the whole team is the most important thing.

He is a humble person who does not place himself "the center of the universe". And indeed, since the 17-year-old defender started his career,  God has never given Dinh Trong the privilege of being the center of all attention from the fans in his home country.

A defender means the opportunity to be the main character in every game is always less than the players on the attack, but football fans concern is not for the 21-year-old player as his teammates. Even in his career, Trong hides as his own personality everyday life.

Everything has its positive and negative sides. Since Trong was not a talent of domestic football, Trong was not criticized and pressured by the media. It is this what helps the Hanoi born player to make a steady step in asserting himself as one of the outstanding defenders that Vietnamese football has ever produced.

Vietnam was the champion team from AFC U23 2018 to the AFF Cup 2018, Trong has always played an important role in each tournament under the coach Park Hang-seo’s reign. Recently in the AFC U23 qualifying round, to choose a leader protect Bui Tien Dung’s net, Dinh Trong is the most suitable person to hold that role more than anyone else.

Playing for the national team did not mean that the 21-year-old midfielder was able to take over that important task, but looking at what Trong performed, the home fans must acknowledge this. Que Ngoc Hai is seen as a gruff, impatient midfielder, but Dinh Trong is on the opposite.

Regardless of how stressful the game is, the 21-year-old still shows a calm, serious look like the way he "tuck his shirt in" every time he plays on the field. And Trong is always someone who knows how to help himself avoid getting into unnecessary debates. It is also because of this quality that helped Dinh Trong train his bravery in important moments to maintain his home team conceding no goals in the previous tournaments.

In addition, Vietnamese football fans have always considered Trong as a defender with a sense of discrimination. The defender played for the capital team soon read the situation. That gives people a sense of Trong understands the thinking and movement of the strikers as if he had played in that position for many years. Watching the 21-year-old playing football, they all see that he has drastic moves which prevents opponent’s goals 6, just enough to make them incapable in the game. The situations handling the ball were absolutely accurate without being considered as intentional know out his opponent.

Clearly, Hanoi midfielder possesses valuable qualities that people often see in professional, experienced players, yet rarely witnessed in any player in their twenties. We easily see that he was born with the calm, mature and bravery. Of course, There are still many drawbacks to be handled, and he has about 7 or 8 years to do so, normally the peak of the central position usually falls into their 30s.

At the present time, the center-back seems to do extraordinary things rarely seen in a young player. Despite being excellent on the football field, he is still a form of player who rarely neglects or spends excessive concentration on fans’ praise. Trong always wants to be help for his teammates’s shine. It is an extremely rare type of player in modern football.

And Trong is truly a treasure for Vietnamese football both as a player and personality. To him, doing such simplest things in everyday life and devoting everything on field help him satisfy the joy with the ball. No fame. Because if he continues to do your best with your passion, the future will be carved for the defender with the glory in football career.

If Vietnamese football is lucky afterwards producing such midfielders or even better than Dinh Trong, hope that they will not forget the name from the capital football team. Please keep in mind about Tran Dinh Trong, an extraordinary both in life and career.

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