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Thai press worries if Park Hang-seo use oversea Vietnamese players

Chủ nhật, 07/04/2019 07:20 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Thai press is yapping that coach Park Hang-seo may use oversea Vietnamese players in the upcoming King’s Cup.

That using Vietnamese player abroad has triggered a debate in Vietnamese football. If the national team utilizes such oversea talents, Vietnam power in international arena will be leveraged.

In the latest speech, coach Park Hang-seo agreed and welcomed oversea players. There are such big names as Alexander Dang, Jason Quang Vinh, Pendant or Philippe Nguyen.

Siam Sport’s headline reads, “Vietnam will use new weapons from Europe to invade King’s Cup”

This newspaper previews, “in order to set to King’s Cup 2019 held in Thailand, it is expected that Vietnamese players from Europe will be summoned to the national team, who actualize World Cup dream of Vietnam in 2022.

Three oversea Vietnamese players mentioned on Thai press

This was proposed to VFF, there is a high chance of 3 players to join in King’s Cup 2019. Alexander Dang is a Vietnamese Norwegian player, Philippe Nguyen is a goalmouths playing in Czech, Jason Quang Vinh is a Vietnamese French defender.”

The call for these player to summon in Vietnam NT in June is still questioned, yet there are some rumors, Coach Park considers this is a chance to test their skills and inclusion.

If Vietnam utilizes these talents, Vietnamese fans can expect higher achievements after the previous successful year.

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