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Thai Press: “ Vietnam no more afraid of Thailand, win SEA Game title”

Chủ nhật, 14/04/2019 12:20 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

In the recent preview, Thai press affirmed Vietnam’s ambition toward SEA Games after their achievements.

Thai media also highly appreciates coach Park Hang-seo’s potential and opportunity in the upcoming tournaments.

Siam Sport wrote: “With each small but stable step, Vietnam will not miss SEA Games Gold medal this year”

VFF chairman Le Khanh Hai revealed Vietnam’s 3 goals, including qualifying for AFC U23 Championship, delivering good performance in World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. Vietnam will have chance if Asia has 9 more tickets”

Vietnam’s final and most important goal is officially winning SEA Games title, which will put a lot of pressure on head coach Park Hang-seo since he took over many position in Vietnam squads

“Another goal of Vietnam is the 30th SEA Games gold medal in Philippines, which Vietnam has never achieved. Coach Park reveals this is stressful task since this is the hope of every Vietnamese fans and he has to make it come true”

Thai press thinks the chance for Vietnam to win is in their hand.

“Mr Park’s assistant said Park Hang-seo is stressed. The more stress he gets, the more hard work they do. Their concern is the intensity of matches and organizing players. Now, Vietnam is no more afraid of Thailand. The need good preparation and win the first medal in the history”.

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