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Coach Park Hang-seo has full support from VFF ahead of SEA Games and World Cup

Thứ ba, 16/04/2019 15:28 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

On FIFA Day, Vietnam NT was supposed to compete for 2019 AFF-EAFF Champions Trophy against Korea NT. This plan, however, was cancelled since VFF wants coach Park Hang-seo’s side to focus 100% on AFC U23 2020 Qualifiers.

Vietnamese football lovers questioned: “Why don’t join in FIFA Day?”

Many said friendly matches facilitate national team to experience and assess its force in advance of big tournaments. Coach Park Hang-seo is appointed to lead U23 team so one of two teams will not join.

Facing experts’ and public’s opinion, VFF’s general secretary spoke out, both the national team and U23 team will join in matches in FIFA day.

Mr Le Hoai Anh share: “ Vietnam NT and U23 Vietnam will participate at the same time on FIFA Day period. Besides Vietnam NT matches, there will be friendly matches for U23 Vietnam, which later helps the coaching team to evaluate players’ technique

What worth mentioning is that, we combine 2 task, one of which is National team’s match in World Cup Qualifiers 2020 in Asia, the other is U23 Vietnam’s match in SEA Games on late November. It result in the huge number of players summoned”

Vietnam NT under coach Park’ reign will summon on May to take part in King’s Cup 2019 in Thailand from 5 June to 8 June, in which Vietnam face Curacao ranked 82 in the world and own players playing in Holland.

After King’s Cup 2019, Vietnamese players will come back to training session for the next matches in V-League and summon in August 2019 to prepare for the first match in World Cup Qualifiers 2022. In 2019, Vietnam NT will play a total of 9 matches in September, October and November.

U23 squad will soon back to training in order to prepare for SEA Games 30th. The skeleton players are U22 generation which took part in AFC U23 Qualifiers, while pillars like Quang Hai, Dinh Trong, Van Hau, Tan Tai, Hoang Duc ... are with Vietnam NT and summon after World Cup Qualifiers. VFF will establish a private coaching team for U23 Vietnam under coach Park’s lead.

Calling U23 Vietnam and Vietnam NT at the same time is VFF’s right decision, facilitating coach Park’s side to conquer World Cup and SEA Games gold medal.

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