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Korea press: ‘Cong Phuong goes beyond our expectation’

Thứ ba, 09/04/2019 07:20 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Sport Seoul affirmed that Cong Phuong has blended in Korea football environment quicker than what fans expect.

Incheon will start round 5, K-League 2019 by a Wednesday match after 2 consecutive away losses. Head coach Jorn Andersen’s side back to their home pitch, faces a higher-ranked team, Deagu.

Today match against Daegu is the next chance for striker Cong Phuong to assert himself in Incheon’s line-up. After what Cong Phuong performed against Suwon Bluewings and Sangju Sangmu, football supporters’ expectation for the Vietnamese striker is rising significantly. It is easily to see, when Cong Phuong came out the pitch in the second half, Incheon’s attacking style was transformed into a more creative way.

Cong Phuong effort was paid off as he received head coach’s praise, and the acknowledgement from Korea media. Sports Seoul’s analysis pointed out that his inclusion was more success than people thought.

“Cong Phuong possesses his own weapons. He plays well in second striker and both wings. Having disadvantage of fitness, yet in return, he delivers skills and speed which scares the opponent’ back four, Suwon match was an example. At the first stage of season, we thought that it might take quite a long time for him to blend in, but he proves the opposite. Having played only a few matches and called out from the bench, Cong Phuong still built up excitement for his fans”

The Korean press also agreed that there is a high chance of Cong Phuong standing in the starting line-up the first time, “ when moving to Incheon, many believed Cong Phuong was just a commercial contract. But in fact, winger Nam Jun-jae got knee injured, it is not surprise if Cong Phuong replaces him and become Incheon’s opportunity.”

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